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These are my comic book-inspired original characters! Tell me what you think. I'm serious about that. I promise that I'll respond, just do it.


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I am so sick of my sister and her boyfriend "needing the PlayStation" every damn time I want to watch anything on TV. **** Football 
Fallen Demon quickly pulled himself off the floor. The odd woman he had apparently slept with looked over at him nonchalantly and held the paper she was reading up at him. It was a flier for a local restaurant called 'Ronnie's Good Morning Diner' that advertised a new breakfast special that included sausage, poached eggs, toast, and hash browns. This shocked Fallen Demon, since it was reminiscent of details from his dream. 

"I'm gonna go get in on this." the green-haired woman said to him, "You wanna tag along?"

Fallen Demon silently, and awkwardly, shook his head no. She got up and walked over to the door, where her clothes laid in a pile on the floor. She slipped them on over her underwear.

"Whatever, weirdo. Thanks for buying me all that beer. The sex was better than average. Don't wait up. Oh, and the name's Maul. We never got to that." She said.

She exited out the door and began to trudge through the snowy town in the direction of the diner. Fallen Demon watched her leave out the window. It was dawn. He had spent the night at the motel. He had no idea what had happened. Then he noticed his communication device on the floor next to one of the empty beer bottles. He picked it up and his eyes widened instantly; he had missed several messages from Joan. That was not a positive sign at all. He quickly used it to contact her.
The crew of the black truck had been driving to their base since it had abducted Sulphus the previous. As the sun rose in the distance, the vehicle finally arrived to what appeared to be an abandoned factory on the outskirts of a large city. Inside the truck, a sleeping Sulphus was shaken awake by one of his masked capturers. He couldn't fight back due to a metal collar they had placed around his neck, which was somehow keeping him powerless. The masked men took him by his arms and pulled him inside the factory. The others groaned as they were forced to stay at the truck with their new least favorite person, Squirrel Man.

"Fifty Shades Darker is a sequel we all wanted!!! Not wanting to torture and kill a celebrity I hate means you are a fascist Nazi!!! We need to have guns in schools to fend off bear attacks!!!"

Imagine stuff like that for many hours on end being shouted in your ears. They envied the ones bringing Sulphus to their boss. Said men led him to a room on the top floor of the abandoned factory, which looked like a normal office judging by the door. They opened the door and threw Sulphus to the floor inside. He slowly got up to see a fine wooden desk surrounded by typical office equipment like file cabinets. On the desk sat two very young looking Asian women in black tops and shorts, who laughed as he stood up. Behind the desk was an ornate wooden chair turned to the wall behind the desk, a man's hand clearly visible. Sulphus stepped forward and began to demand answers.

"What is going on? Why did you have your goons bring me here?" He questioned angrily.

The two women slid off the desk as the chair turned around to show the man sitting in it. He wore a typical black business suit and, to Sulphus's shock, looked exactly like him. The man grinned as one of the women snapped a picture of Sulphus's reaction on her mobile phone. The man stood up and reached his hand out to his doppelgänger.

"Hello, Montgomery. Allow me to introduce myself," the man said politely, "I'm S. B. Chen, leader of the Chinese-American mob. And the man who brought you to my world."

"'re world?" 
The Gavel had mostly reassembled since the previous day. After Beatdown and Crann Bethadh followed all the leads they could on their own with no results, Joan, Dendrite, and Black River went back and met up with to continue to look for signs of Sulphus and the men who had taken the mysterious new enemy away. The five had spent the entire night searching the Texas town for signs they could use, but the truck had somehow eluded anyone who could have spotted it. Now that it was morning, Joan was quite frustrated, even as she and the others took some time out of uniform in a local restaurant to get breakfast.

"I can't believe we couldn't find anything." Black River groaned as he spread some raspberry jam on a piece of whole wheat toast. 

"Yeah," Beatdown said after slurping down a sip of milk, "I expected better of myself to tell you the truth, River. You gonna eat that boiled egg?"

"Yes. I ordered it after all." Black River answered him before taking a bite out of his toast.

"Just thought I'd ask. Would you pass the salt?"

The two men were sitting in their own booth, dressed in civilian clothing consisting of pale olive hooded sweatshirts, jeans, and sneakers. Black River wore a brown baseball cap. Two booths away, Joan, Crann, and Dendrite were eating together. Joan struggled to not wince as she watched Dendrite eat two grapefruits. She herself had egg whites with a side of grilled sausage and a mug of black coffee. Crann, who had recommended having a break to eat to begin with, had a garlic bagel, a small bowl of cantaloupe, and a vegetable smoothie. 

"Has Fallen Demon gotten back to you yet?" Crann Bethadh asked Joan.

Joan was just about to respond an annoyed 'No' when her communication device buzzed. She took it out of the pocket of her gray cargo pants and saw that it was Fallen Demon. She showed it to the other two.

"Well that was good timing. To an extent." Dendrite smirked at Crann jokingly.

Joan answered it and decided to hear what kind of excuse her teammate had for his absence.

"Joan, it's me. I'm sorry I missed your calls for so long. Something weird happened after my mission up here in Minnesota. I think...uh, well....I think I got laid. I don't remember how though."

"Are you kidding me, Demon?!" Joan yelled into the communicator, "You go off the grid for this long, since yesterday afternoon, and you're only explanation is 'I somehow slept with someone' or some crap! How could you even forget that! You can't get drunk with you're muzzle on!"

In a booth nearby, Crann and Dendrite noticed that some other customers, two tween boys and an older couple of women who looked like their guardians, were giving looking over with perplexed expressions. Crann and Dendrite, as well as Black River and Beatdown all realized that Joan's loud response, out of context, sounded rather suggestive.

"Mom, why would Damon cheat on her or wear a mask?" asked one of the boys to one of his mothers.

"Kip, you know that's none of our business." the woman replied, blushing.

"Is it anything like those shiny black suit thingies I found under the..."

"Not in public, Kip! I keep telling you that my scuba gear isn't the same as that stuff you read in your friend's filthy magazine!" Kip's other mother snapped at him.

"This is getting awkward." Dendrite said.

"I hear you, girl!" Black River called over.

Joan quickly got out of the ladies' booth and walked outside. 

"Look, Fallen Demon, where are you?" Joan asked, "Just tell me."

"The same town from my assignment; Cohndale." He answered.

Joan gasped. That sounded like 'Brawndale', the town from her dream. She wondered if there could of been a connection, but almost immeaditely shot the idea down as ludicrous. She had actually been to Cohndale herself last year on personal business, which she had just recalled. This gave her a thought as to the Gavel's next move.

"I have an idea, Demon. Go to the nearby library and wait for us there. I'll explain later. Joan out."

"Yes, Ma'am. Fallen Demon out."

Beatdown came out the door holding a cardboard container in his hands.

"Hey, Joan...I think we better get going. That kid is making things more messed up by the millisecond!" he said to his leader.

"I couldn't agree more. Let's fly."


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