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These are my comic book-inspired original characters! Tell me what you think. I'm serious about that. I promise that I'll respond, just do it.


Journal History



On the rooftop in San Diego, the Troopman appeared next to his leader and bowed before him. 

"I was unable to hinder the girl." He reported.

The armored figure put his hand on his subordinate's shoulder and looked down at him.

"Feel no shame. You delayed her Troopman, my loyal friend. You may rise..."

Troopman blushed awkwardly as he got up and hugged his comrade. The two chuckled a bit and seperated before looking out over the city. The two had once loved San Diego. They had once loved all of America. It was their country. Yet now, all they could see was the city where their loved ones would come to die one day. Today they would save the future. Even if they had to kill for it.

"I hope our allies do better than I did, Raft." Troopman sighed.

Beatdown felt really awkward just sitting in a cafeteria like he was, but didn't know what to do. He wasn't familiar with any of the people surrounding him. After meeting Pursuant Girl and Agent Baez, they took him to the largest Meta Operations Department facility in Louisiana, showed him the way to the cafeteria, and asked him to stay there and wait for them. While Beatdown was certainly joyed to have gotten that beef enchilada he had been craving, he felt a little out of place afterwards. Most of the people were MOD agents or facility employees taking a break from work. It didn't help that he was alone at his table.

"Mister Ryker, you alright?"

Beatdown turned around to see that Baez was back. He had walked back in to the cafeteria and he hadn't noticed. Pursuant Girl was noticeably absent.

"Hello," Beatdown, "...I'm fine. Not hungry anymore...where's Pursuant Girl?"

Baez sat down next to Beatdown before answering.

"She got called in to deal with this creep we call Four Eyes. I put the McFaul brothers in containment for her and came back here to let you know." 

"So I assume this 'Four Eyes' fellow has...well...four eyes. What does he do that warrants intervention?"

Baez sighed and rubbed his face a bit.

"Four Eyes can put people in a weird trance. When he uses it on women he, well, he takes their clothes off...and puts them in demeaning costumes."

"Like...what exactly?" Beatdown asked.

"He'll dress up an emergency response worker like a baby in clown makeup. I ended up seeing that one for himself unfortunately. He...took her bra for himself so...I covered my eyes. She was so embarrassed. I felt awful seeing her like that." Baez explained, shaking his head.

"That sounds really awkward. I mean...yeah, I would understand why you would want this Four Eyes locked up if that's his hobby. I mean...if the woman consented to that was her choice or something...but...yeah, that does sound awkward."

The two looked at each other for a little. Just talking about it was awkward. Baez honestly wished he had just never mentioned Four Eyes, but it had just fallen out.

"You like basketball?" Baez asked.

"I dabble in it," Beatdown said with a grin, "Why do you ask?"

"Agent Thaumas used to be a professional basketball player before he joined the MOD. I saw him shooting hoops out in the courtyard out a window while I was walking here."

The two grinned. It had seemed they had just found a way to pass the time. Seemingly.

Back on the bus, Black River noticed a gas station with a payphone and got off the next stop not far from it. He still had some coins left, so he was hoping they would be enough to make a call. He could let the others know he was okay if he could reach one of them. He strolled over to it and started to insert his first coin in to pay, but then noticed that a woman was walking towards him from behind. She looked a bit familiar, like she may have been on the bus earlier. He wondered if she had followed him. The woman was African-American and wore a normal black shirt and jeans. Her hair was short and she seemed a tiny bit uncomfortable in her current state, like it wasn't how she normally was.

"Are you called Black River?" she asked.

"...yeah." Black River answered with a confused tone.

The woman pulled out a small handgun, seemingly from nowhere, and pointed it at Black River. He put his hands up and tried to talk her down before things could escalate into something bad.

"Just. Put. That. Down. I'm not a threat and I don't want to hurt you." He said slowly.

The woman chuckled a bit in an unsettling manner. She started to talk at him with a false grin on her face.

"You failed me, Black River," she said, "you and your team failed me and my best friend. You never made our world safer...not really. I'm going to change things the way the Gavel never did!"

Black River teleported behind the woman and swiftly disarmed her. She actually seemed to notice this but didn't put up a fight against having her weapon swiped and tossed away.

"Who are you, lady?" Black River asked firmly.

The woman turned around and smirked. The mauve light appeared and enveloped her and burst out in an bright explosion from her form. When the light cleared away it was easy to see that the woman had changed. She was clad in silver armor and a black scarf that covered the bottom of her face. Her eyes were now a solid purple that glowed with the light's same hue. She now held a metal sword that was covered in a strange flame version of the light. 

"We are two sides of the same coin. You are a healer who fights for an uncaring bureaucracy that fails to make results...I am a destroyer who fights to stop evil from destroying the life of her and her future allies!"

"Put a sock in it."

Black River leapt forward and slammed his elbow into her face, making her stumble back a bit. She held up her sword and pointed it at him and the weapon transformed before Black River's eyes into a flaming silver spear that she threw right at him. Black River was able to teleport away, but only barely in time to avoid the item's strike through his head. Black River grabbed the woman before she could retrieve her tool of battle and head-butted her in the back of her neck while stepping on her left foot. The woman ran backwards and collided into the payphone, which caused Black River to fall off of her back. She quickly ran back to her spear, which she then turned into a flaming metal cinderblock that she tossed at him. This time he wasn't fast enough and it smashed into his should and caused him to fall down again, writhing in pain from the attack. The woman got her gun back off the ground and shot Black River's leg while he was struggling to get up. He yelled out in pain and then summoned his black river water and formed it into a barrier around himself to distract the woman while he used his water to relieve himself of at least some of his injuries. After starting to feel at least some healingh he dropped the water barrier to continue fighting, only to not see his enemy anywhere. She seemed to be gone. Then he felt a sudden jolt of pain from above and everything went dark as he fell into unconsciousness. The hook that had pierced his neck pulled him up to the top of gas station's roof on a line attached to the woman's weapon, which she had turned into the shape of a large fishing rod. She payed him down and bound Black Rivers ankles and wrists with some totally normal looking ropes. She then picked him back up, leapt to the ground with her captive in her grasp, and walked into the gas station and put him in the bathroom while the two employees there stared in confusion. When one of the employees began to speak out, the woman grabbed him and threw him onto the floor before knocking the other, now panicked employee, into a wall. 

"That should keep him occupied for a while. Can't let him know the truth...until it's too late to stop us." She said to herself.

Back in San Diego, Crann Bethadh was in a building pacing back and forth in an empty, coldly lit hallway. Joan had contacted her and informed her of everything she had come to realize since they had last spoken. Crann Bethadh didn't know what to do and was very concerned about the times to come. She was considering defying Joan's orders and going out to search for her missing mates, but she wasn't sure if she should. She slammed her fist against a wall in her frustration. Then she heard a 'ding' not far from her. 

She looked up and saw that the elevator at the end of the hall had come down. The door of the elevator opened to show Ambassador Nasrallah, who was flanked by two muscular men in suits. The ambassador himself was a somewhat short man with a round face and a curly gray beard. He had noticeably pleasant eyes and he had thinking gray hair. He also wore a suit. The three men walked down the hall but stopped when they saw Crann Bethadh.

"Is something wrong?" Nasrallah asked her.

The Gavel member wasn't sure what to answer. Things certainly weren't okay, but she didn't want the ambassador to be aware that she was off her game. She was supposed to be there to save him if the attack threat was true, after all. Nasrallah motioned for his men to move on to the room they had been heading towards. The two did so, if only because they knew Crann would never attack him and cause a problem for everyone involved.

"I'm sorry, you just seemed a bit unhinged," the ambassador said, "I just like to keep on top of things."

Crann Bethadh formed a small smile. It was partly to assure him she was okay, but it was kind of nice to have anyone express concern for her. Brawn would of if he could, but without Dendrite he was unable to earlier.

"I'm fine, Mister Ambassador. Good luck with your speech later."

"I hope that I do well. I don't give many speeches...but this is important to me."

"Why's that?" Crann asked.

"Well...I was going to keep it a secret, but you are protecting me, so I feel I should be honest with you..."

"Okay, tell me then. Please."

Nasrallah decided to just get on with it.

"One of the exchange students who was assaulted here in this city was my cousin's grandson. He was apparently talking to a female student he had feelings for before they got jumped. The people who did it ran...but they broke some of his ribs and he got a black eye. The girl was apparently hurt even worse..."

"I'm sorry that happened to him." Crann said.

Nasrallah gave her a grin and then walked off to meet back up with his guards.


In a medical treatment room, Fallen Demon layed on a hospital bed, naked save for his mask and a pair of briefs. He was alone, as the WillCorps doctors had done all they had could to care for him as they could. Now they were just waiting for him to eventually awaken. The violet light appeared at the end of the bed and flashed, with Raft now appearing in its place.

"I see you're still resting. My temple construct and I really did a number on you huh? To think I thought you were cool when I was still innocent. Well, I better get going..."

Fallen Demon's eyes suddenly snapped open and he shot straight up from the bed. He pointed his right index finger at Raft, who seemed to be legitimately taken aback by the suddenness of it.

" two places," Fallen Demon groaned, "You changing the world. The power...the light...the other you...has yet to"

Fallen Demon then fell back down on the bed unconscious. Raft lost his composure and shook for about a minute before disappearing again. It was almost time to take his revenge.
JUST A BOY Part 3: Discovery and Family
dragonestea, thanks again for agreeing to this crossover. To any of you who bother following me, this is Part 3.
Images of Beatdown, Black River, and Dendrite were shown on a giant triangular mirror. The rest of the room was a stark, pure white. The was no furniture, no details other than the mirror. The mauve light began to shine in the form of twisted patterns upon the room's walls. The light bled out and took the form of a man wearing silver armor, a black cape, and a mask that covered his face. The violet energy was on him, glowing on seemingly random parts of his form. 

The figure slinked over to his mirror and waved his hand over it. The images of the three Gavel members faded away and wertre replaced with the image of a boyish looking white male in a suit. The image was then shattered by a touch of the figure's finger. The mirror began to rapidly 'blink' through various images. It showed shots of various cities, weapons, natural catastrophes, pictures of children playing in a field, and roaring, angered crowds before stopping on an image of the Gavel standing as a united group. However, the faces of the three missing members, as well as Fallen Demon, we're all blotted out. 

"Let's complicate things for these obstacles they call heroes..."


"Miskolc is the fourth largest city in Hungary, with an estimated population of 161,265. During the same time as the battle your teammates were in, there was a similar anomaly detected in Miskolc, in the home of a criminal hacker named Laszlo Koranyi, whose corpse was found in his home by local authorities after a neighbor reported seeing an explosion of violet light from his window, which is supposedly the cause of his death. It was also discovered that one of his wall's was covered in photographs of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria and schematics of some kind. I'm en route now with two WillCorps agents to investigate and uncover any connections to what happened earlier today, which I hope can lead us to knowing where Black River, Dendrite, and Beatdown are. Understand?"

After a few seconds, Crann Bethadh's voice responded.

"I heard you, Joan, and so did Brawn," said Crann, "but I still wish you would let us come help you."

Joan sighed a bit while leaning back in the black seat in the back of the WillCorps helicopter she was in. In the front were the two WillCorps members accompanying her to Koranyi's home in Miskolc. One was a woman with a Wheel of Dharma on her uniform and was the pilot and the other was a man with a nine pointed star on his. 

"I told you already that I need you two in San Diego in case the ambassador's convoy is attacked. He is at major risk, Crann. You need to fight off any attackers."

An ambassador to the United States from a small Muslim country, Joan had forgotten which, had recently announced that he would be delivering a speech in San Diego addressing some recent assaults on young exchange students from his nation that occurred in the city earlier that year. Shortly afterwards an underground anti-Muslim militant group threatened to kill the ambassador before he delivered his speech. Wanting to avoid an international incident that could stem from such an assassination, Joan assigned Crann Bethadh and Brawn to act as the ambassador's protectors for the day. 

"Alright, Boss. I still don't think the crazies are a serious threat though."

"Maybe, but I don't want to take that chance. The States don't need more bad relationships with the Middle East. Over and out." Joan replied.

She turned and looked at her ride's team, who looked back at her and nodded. Joan looked out the window to see they were only a short while away from their destination. 


Black River couldn't help but feel something big was afoot. It wasn't a regular thing for him to encounter a superpowered person he had never even heard of. For that matter, Coldeye didn't seem to be a particularly discrete individual, so he figured something had to be going on. He wondered if the light he had seen before finding himself on that rooftop may have been involved. 


Black River turned around and stopped walking down the sidewalk he was on. He saw that a young man that had been behind him was there, who must of been the one who had addressed him. Behind the boy was one of the children who Coldeye tried to blast during the fight. The two seemed to be Latino, or black, or possibly both. It was actually a bit hard for Black River to tell.

"Um...yeah?" Black River asked.

"My kid says you got into a fight around the basketball spot. That true?"

"I...I'm not looking for...trouble..." stammered Black River, "Wait...this kid is your son?"

"No. I just take care of him. But you didn't answer my question." the young man said.

"Yes, but...that woman with the sword...well..."

The guy walked towards River and handed him a five dollar bill and a couple coins.

"You seemed lost. The closest bus stop is at Davison Lane. Not everyone is as nice as me, so you better get out before someone thinks you a creep finds you. Consider it a reward for saving Rasheek."

Black River nodded, accepted the money and ran off. If a local said he should leave, he figured he was right. He failed to notice some more mauve light coming from a nearby window. A figure appeared in the window after the light vanished. It was a woman who walked out of the front door of the nearby building. She followed Black River to the bus stop and got on the bus after he did. Because he sat in the back, she sat in front. She smiled, knowing that she was doing her superior's task as instructed.


Dendrite walked down the hall of the school behind Nurse Curtiss. She was back in her 'uniform' and couldn't help but stare at the students of the school. All of them seemed to be either her age or younger. All of them wore normal clothing. And all of them seemed to be more than just human. Some had non-human features, or glowing eyes, or could do things she wouldn't expect them to do. She had only then realized that this was a school for people with powers.

Nurse Curtiss opened up the doors to the gymnasium, where Dendrite saw some children all on a rock climbing wall. One boy in particular had four arms. A girl right below him poked him with an electric shock to startle him. At the bottom of the wall stood a figure. He had oddly textured green skin, a long tail, and an inhuman face with large eyes, pointed ears, wired nostrils and a huge mouth full of sharp pointy teeth. 

"Priyanka, I better not see you do that again," the figure yelled up, "I consider that cheating!"

"Oh! Um, okay Mister Davidsson!" the girl responded with a blush.

Dendrite couldn't help but be a tad put off by the man's appearance. This Davidsson guy looked like some kind of alien, not a gym coach. She tried her best to remain cool as the man walked over to her and the red haired nurse.

"Hello there! I'm Irwin Davidsson," he said introducing himself, "and you? Are you a new student?"

"No...I'm just...I don't know how I got here. I..."

"Fell out of nowhere from a flash in the sky?" He asked.

"Well, yeah."

Nurse Curtiss smiled and walked off. She nodded at Dendrite before leaving the gym.

"I'm Dendrite. Doctor Handel said I should come here to see if my powers are working again." Dendrite explained.

"Alright," said Davidsson, "I have an exercise mat over there. I'll be sure the kids leave you to your devices."

Dendrite thanked the odd looking man and walked over to where he had pointed her to. She sat down on the mat and began to meditate. With her eyes closed, she failed to see a purple light briefly flash from the cracked open door of a broom closet in the gymnasium. A figure exited the closet and lunged at Dendrite, pinning the girl to the ground as she gasped in surprise. Normally she sensed things like this.

"Dendrite!" Davidsson yelled.

The strange gym teacher swiftly ran towards the mat while Dendrite was struggling to push off her attacker. Davidsson leapt onto them to break them up, but the mysterious figure knocked him back and then lifted Dendrite into the air and threw her at the rock climbing wall. Dendrite tried to activate her powers, but it was all going so fast. She slammed into the wall where the ten students were thankfully able to grab and catch her before she fell. Dendrite looked up and she and the students saw the figure and Mister Davidsson wrestling one another. The girl from before, Priyanka, started to spout something off.

"Tom! Run and get Mister Stefano! Get help!"

One boy, the presumed Tom, ran out of the gym worriedly. Priyanka, the boy with the four arms, and another boy charged forward to where their teacher was battling Dendrite's attacker. Dendrite got up, motioned for the rest of the students to run out like Tom had, and then ran forward as well. Even in the heat of the moment, she knew she had more experience fighting than the kids who seemed to be around ten or eleven years old. Davidsson pushed his opponent back and Dendrite and the kids grabbed his arms and held him back. Davidsson punched the man's face but was then kicked away. The man threw his arms up, causing Dendrite and the students to fall off. Priyanka's hands surged with electrical energy that she flung at the brute, which briefly stopped him in his tracks.

Dendrite finally got a chance to look at who had attacked her. The man appeared to be made of shining metal, with strange, glowing purple markings on his body that looked like stylized blood veins. He wore black pants that also covered his feet, with heavy pads on the sides of his thighs. His neck show the metal appearance transition into a face with light brown skin and long, purple dreadlocks. He had a large slash shaped scar over his right eye, which was blind. His other eye was a normal brown eye. His mouth had some smaller scars and he had a couple teeth missing as well. One of his ears was pierced with a purple jewel. His hands were covered with bulky black guantlets, with his left one with sharp metal tips on the fingers. 

The electric blast then faded off of him and he screamed like a mad animal, hitting at everything around him. Davidsson tacked his legs and Dendrite kicked the enemy while he was on the gym floor. The two boys stepped on his back and and Priyanka pinned his sharp tipped hand to the nearby exercise mat. He was down for the count.

"Who is this?!" Davidsson asked her.

"No idea." Dendrite answered as she let herself drop to her knees.

The attacker began to laugh. 

"Do you even realize...that you are on another world? Do you, you so-called 'Hero'?" He laughed. 

"Who are you?" Dendrite growled.

"I am called the Troopman. I am but a servant of my leader...and you are going to be to late to protect the monsters that your world lets thrive! They shall pay, Dendrite!!! They shall my homeland!!!"

The Troopman exploded into more mauve light. Everyone looked around and sure enough, he had vanished. They were safe. For then.

In San Diego, California, back on the Gavel's Earth in their reality, a group of men sat in a diner, looking at a television as they drank and ate.

"Ambassador Fahim Nasrallah stated in his interview with us that he hopes his speech can help the community to be more accepting of both his people and American Muslims as well. He truly does has hope in what his visit can do. Back to you at the station Frank!"

"Thank You, Pauline. We're sure to go back to you during the live broadcast of the speech at the library tonight. In other news, our attention goes to New York City, where workers are protesting their treatment at..."

The men looked at one another with grim looks. Because in their deluded minds, San Diego was welcoming to destruction of America. In their minds they truly thought that Islam and Christianity could never coexist. So they left the diner without paying to prepare to do what they thought would defend their country from what they considered a terrorist based purely on their deluded fears.


Joan and the agents were in the apartment of the late Laszlo Koranyi. They had all spent some time looking through his papers, but had yielded no results. The female WillCorps agent was at the hacker's computer, where she was trying to find out the password to open a locked document that seemed very valued.

"It just doesn't seem to be working." said the agent.

"Keep trying. Maybe there's a clue around here..." Joan said.

Joan noticed that there was a beaten up looking projector on a wooden shelf, right across from the wall covered with images of the remains of the Temple of Bel in Syria. The male agent was running his hand over the images and looked at them intrinsically. 

"Do you see something?" Joan asked him.

He turned back at her and nodded.

"I feel something different about some of this tape holding the papers up," he replied, " the material is different. It feels...custome made."

Then Joan had an idea. She motioned her hand to have the agent step away. Joan shut off the lights and the agents wondered what she was up to. Joan then plugged in and switched on the projector on the shelf. She then looked to see that the special tape the male agent had felt begin to illuminate and glow in the dark. The four long strips now showed the outline of a trapezoid. 

"I found our clue. Type in 'Trapezoid' and see if it works!"

Joan turned the lights back on and the agent at the computer did what she told her to do. 

"It worked, Ms. Hughes...the document is open. We can read it now."

"This is great." the male agent said.

Joan walked over to look at the screen...

'I am certain now. The vision I had all those years ago DID mean something! The temple is just a form the light can take, but it can grant great power. It lies between our world and the next. I am now certain that the light is being used to travel through the fabric of reality itself. But, someone...has somehow mastered the violet glows. Become bonded to them and is now using it for something. The sightings were in preparation of the day they finally come in full, for whatever it is they want. I must learn more. I know that now. The light can give one power. But what for?'

It ended there. Joan gasped and stepped back. 

"My teammates weren't just sent away to another world...they were taken out of the picture. Whoever is behind this is making the world vulnerable." Joan said.

"Why?" the male agent asked.

"So they can attack. But where?"

In San Diego another flash of the light appeared. On the roof of a high reaching building now stood the man in the silver armor and cape.

"Today...I will avenge my parents! Today...this city will pay...this nation. No matter what world." 
JUST A BOY Part 2: Laszlo's Trapezoid
Part 2 of my crossover story with dragonestea
Gabby Hall could feel her mind. It was clouded and a pain tinged her thoughts. Something was wrong. She felt herself struggle, slowly realizing that she was bound in some way. Her mind couldn't sense the thoughts she could normally hear. But someone, at least one person, was there touching her with a gloved hand. It was then that she ceased just trying to use her powers and snapped back to consciousness. 

Light filled her opened eyes. She looked around the room and at herself. She was indeed bound by restraints to what seemed to be a normal hospital bed in a large room that reminded her of a nurse's office at a school. Looking down helped her to see that she was in a light pink hospital gown. Then she looked over to where she had felt the gloved figure, now seeing that said person was a ginger haired white woman in a nurse outfit. By the door there was another person, an older black woman with gray hair and glasses in an outfit that just screamed 'I'm a doctor!'. 

" I? Did I get hurt in the fight?" The psychic asked.

"You sound American." the nurse said in some kind of English accent, "What just fell into the courtyard out of nowhere..."

"You took a real blow to the head," said the doctor as she walked over, "You were knocked out for about three hours. What's your name?"

The young woman looked at the doctor. A part of her thought these might be enemies who were trying to hold her prisoner, but this doctor seemed so trustworthy. The English accent didn't hurt, but Gabby then realized that looks could be deceiving.

"My name is my own business. I serve on the Gavel under the codename Dendrite and if it was you people who did this too me my team will beat you into the ground..." she answered, " I in England?"

The redheaded nurse smiled at her and began to undo the restraints keeping her to the bed. A surprised Dendrite felt relief as she was freed and was given a hand up by the doctor.

"Miss, I can assure you that we would never try to harm you." said the doctor.

"I am Nurse Curtiss and this is Doctor Handel." said the nurse.

"So...what's 'The Gavel'?" asked Doctor Handel.

Dendrite walked around a bit before looking at Handel with a confused look.

"Um...I'm on Earth right?"

The young psychic got a bad feeling about this. Whatever it was.


Tristan Ryker, better known as Beatdown, wasn't amused. One moment he had been fighting some sort of thing, albeit one he was having trouble rembering in detail, and the next thing he knew, he had woken up in the top of a tree. He had no idea what led to that, but he wanted answers. He figured the others, or at least some government stooges, would be able to track him down and provide said answers soon enough, so he went to the trouble of climbing out of the tree and go try and find somewhere more comfortable to wait out for somebody. Plus, he felt pretty hungry, so he started walking in search of the closest town he could find. 

"I would kill for a beef enchilada, um, bird" he said to himself while he passed a bird eating some seed of the path he was on.

He hoped no one had heard that. Joan would have given him a real nasty scowl if she heard him talking about Mexican food to animals. He then saw a small town in the distance that even had a wooden sign that read 'Welcome to Cox, Louisiana! Home of the Kickin' Crickets!'. The town looked like something out of a painting, very small and homey, a place he wouldn't mind living in if he wasn't a man of action. Beatdown walked past the sign and couldn't help that no one was outside except for a little boy wearing overalls, just overalls and nothing else, poking a dead cat with a stick. Beatdown walked over to the boy.

"Hi there, Little Guy. Where's your mama?" he asked the boy, kneeling down next to him.

The boy turned around to face Beatdown, revealing a face with glowing red eyes, no nose, and a mouth with large tusks. The tusks had blood on them.

"She blew her brains out." he answered.

Beatdown was a bit startled and stepped back. Maybe this was why no one was outside. Then he felt a presence behind him. Beatdown spun around to see what seemed to be a teenage boy, also only clad in overalls, who had large orange blotches of skin on his body with big, orange, squid-like tentacles. The teen's left arm was an orange tentacle, one other seemed to stem from where his right nipple would be, two more seemed to be on his back, while the last tentacle appeared to be just a tiny thing dangling on the right side of his forehead.

"Yeah, our Ma didn't like that we turned special..." the teen said with a devious grin.

"We gonna kill you!" shouted the boy while leaping at Beatdown.

Beatdown grabbed the kid by the face and smashed him into his older brother's head with a quick spin. He then swept his leg at the older brother's legs, knocking him down. The teenager sent two of his tentacles at Beatdown, but the man grabbed them effortlessly and tied them together in a knot, causing the murderous young man to scream in pain. The little brother then jumped back up and bit into Beatdown's left arm, but he was able to pull him off and pin the mad child down. The brothers began to cry.

"We give! We give! You da Mega Macdaddy of Cox!" The two yelled in unison.

People began to pour out of the buildings that lined the Main Street of the town, cheering Beatdown as 'The Mega Macdaddy' and thanking him for putting down 'The McFauls'. An old lady gave Beatdown a kiss on the cheek and little boy gave him a plastic bag full of ripe oranges, because he had had them already. A confused Beatdown tried to ask them what was going on, but some men forced him onto an antique chair and everyone started doing the chair dance that's done at Bar Mitzvahs.

Needless to say, our hero was really confused. 

Then a large armored truck showed up in front of everyone with a screeching halt and two people stepped out. One was a young African-American woman with what looked a bit funny, with a glowing eye and odd fleshy spikes on her forearms. She wore a a yellow top, a blue vest, jeans with big pockets, brown cowboy boots, a hat that matched her vest, and some kind of badge. 

Everyone who had been celebrating stopped to stare as she walked over. Beatdown hopped down from the antique chair and landed in front of her in a crouching position. His concerns were calmed when she offered him her hand. He got up and gave her a handshake with a bit of a grin.

"Do you know what's going on here, young lady?" he asked.

"That's what I was about to ask you," she said, "You don't seem to recognize me...I'm Pursuant Girl. My friend back at the truck is Giles Baez. We were on mission from the Meta Operations Depatment to apprehend the McFaul Brothers when we learned they had stopped playing nice here in Cox. Seems you did our job for us, Mister...?"

"Ryker," said Beatdown, "Tristan Ryker. So...I have a feeling I'm not where I'm supposed to be...can I get a ride?" 

Agent Baez walked over and started putting cuffs on the McFaul siblings and looked up at Pursuant Girl and Beatdown.

"You don't seem to have upset these folks here, so sure." chuckled Baez.

"Great!" said Beatdown.

Then his stomach growled so loud one of the people in the crowd honestly thought it was a roaring bear. Beatdown blushed and began eating his bag of oranges while Pursuant a Girl just scratched her head.


Black River looked around himself. The last thing he rembered was hearing Fallen Demon yelling at him to run. Then there had been a flash of mauve light that had envoloped his gaze. He looked around and realized he was sitting down casually on the roof of a building. It seemed to be in bad shape, with damage to the front from where he could look. 

"I might as well figure out where I am..." he sighed.

Black River used his teleportation to get off of the building's roof and to get to the front of the place. It looked kind of like some sort of cheap buffet, but it was clearly wrecked and abandoned. A sign above the main doors read 'MIDAS TOUCH GRILL' in stylized red letter. The windows were either smashed in or boarded up. Graffiti laced the walls of the building, with one in particular reading 'Terrorist!'. The street Black River was on seemed to be a poor neighborhood that was mostly grimy apartment complexes. Across the street were some kids in sports jerseys and hoodies playing basketball on some sort of public blacktop area with only one net. The children didn't seem to notice Black River whatsoever.

After taking it all in, Black River figured he should find a phone or something. But when he looked to the left to begin walking, he noticed what appeared to be a woman levitating in the air and slowly moving closer over the road.

"Um, hey!" Black River yelled out.

The floating woman then rushed suddenly towards him before stopping. The kids across the street stopped playing and looked over with concerned looks. The woman said nothing as Black River finally got a better look at her. She had inhumanly light gray skin and had gray and light blue hair that was unkempt in style. She wore a white puffer coat, gray pants, light blue sneakers, and a gray and blue mask around her eyes. In her hand she held a light blue sword with rutting edges that had a dark gray part with a seemingly alive giant eye attached. She glared at him darkly and snarled.

"Suffer!" She screamed.

The woman slashed her sword at Black River, but he was able to teleport away just in time to just a couple feet backwards behind where he had stood. He struck a fighting stance at her.

"You wanna give up before this gets ugly?" he asked.

"I never give up," she retorted, "I am Coldeye...and all who dare stand in my path shall meet an agonizing end!"

Black River smirked under his mask as he summoned his great black water and formed it into a lumpy sphere in his right hand. He kind of liked when he could put an arrogant enemy in their place. 

"You sure about that?" 

Suddenly, the water above his hand turned incredibly cold. Then he felt it in the air, the sheer temperature of the air around him dropped significantly. Black River realized at that moment that this person, this 'Coldeye', was causing this just by her presence. But he didn't mind. 

Coldeye sped forward and swung her blade down towards his neck, but Black River dodged and took his freezing black river water into his hand and smashed it into Coldeye's back. 

"I heard young ones like to make puns," he said, "How about you just chill and think some up!"

Coldeye dropped to the pavement and held her sword up in a strange position while her face turned into a monstrous grimace. A light began to form around the eye. Black River then noticed that the eye wasn't pointed at him, but rather the kids across the street at the basketball hoop. He quickly grabbed her arm and twisted her stance with the sword. The light blasted out upward instead thanks to his quick thinking. The blast hit a few pigeons instead, paralyzing them in mid flight and causing them to fall down and hit both of the superpowered opponents on their heads.

The children screamed and began to run off as the two began to hit at each other with their fists. Black River got in a good hit to Coldeye in the face, but then she slammed her knee up into his crotch. He teleported behind behind Coldeye and grabbed her by her hair until she let out a cry of discomfort, at which point he summoned some more of his water in his other hand and made it hover over her mouth.

"This stuff is poison!" Black River yelled at her.

The opposite was the truth of course, but he just could tell she was unaware of the true nature of the Black River from which he got his superhero name. This was confirmed to him when his sword wielding foe let out a genuine gasp of fear as she looked up at his eyes with her own. 

"Surrender and never come back to this neighborhood! I can tell from your accent that this isn't your home, but even if it was...I don't spare killers. Remember that...Coldeye."

The gray woman bought Black River's bluff and nodded at him. He let go of her and she plopped onto the sidewalk, loosing grip of her magic sword. She quickly scrambled to it and began to dash off back the way she came. Black River crossed his arms as he saw her disappear into the distance.

"Well, that's done with. Better go find a Joan...yeah." 

As he walked down the sidewalk away from the Midas Touch Grill, the basketball spot, and all that surrounding area, Black River noticed something that caught his eye. It looked like a small mauve light in the sky, but as soon as he saw it, the light vanished. He blinked a bit and figured it was his imagination before going past a corner in the other direction.


Back in the Gavel's world, Joan Hughes stood in front of her teammate Fallen Demon, who was laying on a stretcher being held by some WillCorps personnel.

"What happened, Demon?" Joan asked.

"The others...the weapons could barely pierce the construct...then the was purple I think...." 

"Do you know what it was?!" yelled Joan.

Fallen Demon looked at her with a blank expression in his eyes.

"It was...a temple, formed from shining looked like Temp....temp...temple of b..."

"Stay together, soldier. It looks like a temple, right? What temple?" asked Joan.

" Palmyra." he gasped.

Fallen Demon went unconscious and the WillCorps members carried him into their plane where he could rest and heal. Joan looked over to some other WillCorps members who were looking over the wreckage of the battle before speaking towards them.

"I assume there are still no signs of Dendrite, Beatdown, and Black River?"

A WillCorps member nodded at her to confirm that she was correct. Joan sighed and shook her head. She should have been there, but she hadn't been and now almost half of the Gavel was missing and Fallen Demon was out for the count for then. Joan took out a handheld device and began to search for information on what Fallen Demon had told her he saw; The Temple of Bel. 

But it that was just Step One.
JUST A BOY Part 1: Open Up
dragonestea gave me the go to write a crossover with some of his characters! More to come.

Dendrite, Beatdown, Black River, Joan Hughes, and Fallen Demon belong to dragonestea

Everything else is mine. 

Please comment so we know if you like it!


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