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These are my comic book-inspired original characters! Tell me what you think. I'm serious about that. I promise that I'll respond, just do it.


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Bravest Villain: Xanox by bjv016
Bravest Villain: Xanox
This horrific monster is a follower of Andy NA and a member the villainous Gruesome Force. 

Bio: Xanox is an alien who hails from a planet that has achieved perfect harmony among his species' various racial groups. Having been raised by hardcore xenophobes, who had recently died while trying to bomb the first school on the planet to have integrated schools, the teenage Xanox viewed racial harmony as a bad thing and believed interracial marriages and businesses would lead to his world being destroyed by his religion's equivalent to God. So, he fled his home-world by stowing away on a spaceship that was sending medicine and clothes to a less well off alien colony, shot the pilots and crew, and commandeered the ship to fly to another world. Xanox had to make a pit stop and landed in Ukraine to rob a store for more food and water. He unexpectedly ran head first into Andy Applewhite III, the future Andy NA, just lounging around in a hammock in the forest and murdering animals for no reason. The two decided to rob the store Xanox had targeted together, and murdered the staff while they were at it. Xanox had made a new friend. One who would only be an even worse influence on him....

Xanox resurfaced years later as a member of Andy NA's Gruesome Force, with an appearance that was far more frightening than when he first landed on Earth. Most of his crimes and "pranks" are targeted at things he views as symbols of racial tolerance amongst humans.

-Just look at him...he can fly, he can bite, he can tear, he can rip, he can twist, and, oh boy, can he SCARE!  
DC/Marvel Amalgams: Supersilk by bjv016
DC/Marvel Amalgams: Supersilk
Note: This was kind of a joke amalgam, so I'm going to replace her with a more proper Superman amalgamation piece in the future.

I'm a maniacal madman. Superman, a beloved icon, fused with Silk, a new character who is very mixed in reception. But one of my most powerful Amalgam heroes is (kind of)an Asian woman, so YAY!

Bio: The Krypton Quadrant (Krypton/the Keystone Quadrant) was an area of space that became settled by a race of human-like aliens who would become known as "Loonians" (Kryptonians/"Loonies") by the future main populace of the quadrant. The future Loonians were a culture of brilliant scientists, but they took their experiments in the Krypton Quadrant too far, which resulted in a disease that began to drive them into being impossibly insane idiots who would swiftly destroy themselves. Before the disease took hold of her, a baby girl was launched out in a rocket pod by her parents before the disease took hold of them and caused them to accidently kill themselves. They had programmed it to go to a planet where she could realistically blend in with the population, which resulted with it landing on Earth and was placed in the foster care system after being found in Kansas by some passersby. The girl was adopted by an Asian-American couple named the Kents (The Kents/The Moons [Mister Kent was adopted by a white couple who were farmers]) and was named Cindy Kent (Clark Kent/Cindy Moon). Though their relationship did have some strong love in it, there was a rift between them that drove Cindy and her mother to have a really bad falling out, which led to Cindy running away to El Metropolitano, TX (Metropolis/El Paso, TX). There, Cindy masqueraded as a science student for a time, which resulted in her going on a field trip to one of the city's most advanced science labs. In the lab, a spider that had been genetically enhanced escaped the place where it was stored and then became bathed in materials around the facility. The spider bit Cindy before it died. Sometime later, Cindy found that the bite had given her super powers, including flight, enhanced senses, superhuman strength, heat vision, and the ability to secrete a silky webbing material at will. These powers were both because of the spider, and also because of her alien nature that she was unaware of until later space adventures. After nearly being kidnapped by a strange man, Cindy decided to use her powers to become a superhero. And so she crafted a costume and became Supersilk (Superman/Silk)! Her power brought out the best and her  and she ended up becoming one the most beloved, and powerful, super-powered beings in the Amalgam world. She also got a civilian identity as a reporter who is somehow able to get the scoop on her alter-ego. 

So, how about that for unexpected?! Some design choices I want to point out is that I gave her messy hair to reference Superman's famous hair curl. Her suit is partially made from her webbing. Her biological parents looked Asian too.

So...where was Spider-Man's Amalgam counterpart in all this, given that Silk spun off from him? That'll be a FUTURE matter.  


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